Windstrings plays music for Private and Corporate Events


Windstrings has enchanted audiences all over the world. Their music is elegant, warm, and lively.

Your corporate event will have an extra touch of elegance that your clients will remember.

Would you like to add class to your private event? Would you like to entertain your guests?


Windstrings offers your perfect live-music and Disc Jockey solution. Windstrings will work around your schedule to provide ambiance, entertainment and continuity for your event. We provide complete packages, the best of both worlds. Live music and DJ Entertainment.

Windstrings offers the most complete package to help make your event a memorable experience. Windstrings provides experienced, classy, and professional musicians and DJs. We will ensure that the music for your event is just what you envisioned. We take pride in our personalized and friendly service at affordable rates.


Windstrings caters to your company's vision. We will work with you to program the perfect styles and packages for your event. We are here to serve you. The professionals at Windstrings have over 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry.

Live Music plus DJ is exactly what your company needs

We offer a complete package that combines ambient sound with live music for your event. We can provide all styles of music including classical, popular, jazz and folk.

Imagine your guests being greeted by the full elegant sounds of a flute and strings trio.

 All of our packages include

  • State-of-the-art professional equipment
  • Live music by Windstrings
  • Cordless microphone
  • Experienced disc jockey and Master of Ceremonies
  • Full CD and Hard-Drive library with thousands of songs and styles to choose from
  • Backup sound system
  • Colorful lighting (optional)
  • Our personal touch

Maximum Value: We are very flexible and we customize to your special needs. Our low overhead means low prices to you. We pass on the savings to you with high quality entertainment at low prices.

For example our “classic package” includes 2 hours of live classical music plus 3 hours of DJ entertainment for $895.

Please call us at 206-527-1922 for your customized package.